Metpac semi-custom Software Solution For The Metals Industry

Dataware Systems has been providing Metal service center software for over 30 years. Our understanding of the Metals industry allows our software to improve your organization’s operations while bringing an unprecedented level of service to your customers.

  • An integrated software package for Quotes, Orders, Traffic, Costing, Pricing
  • An all-in- one inquiry-to-quote-to-order-to-accounting software suite servicing both customer side as well mills
  • Unlimited automatic pricing matrixes linked to exchanges and contracts
  • Real time inventory that understands variable units of measure, consignments, releases, and more
  • Integrates with Accounting, and Document Management products
  • Calculate costs, and pricing automatically based on Metal Market values, Contract prices, Custom formulas, or enter manually
  • Generate documents and detailed reports easily
  • An integrated live repository of customers, vendors, products, and inventory. A ‘super CRM’ that hunts down and solves traffic and logistic anxieties
  • Streamlined, dependable trafficking with limited staff, no surprises, and no Paper!
  • Features At A Glance